Valentine’s Day Music Class Games

As a music teacher, we can never have too many circle games for primary!  Here’s a game that uses the song, “A-Tisket-A-Tasket” ( it’s basically “Duck, Duck, Goose” with singing and a scarf).  This game is a fun way to reinforce taking turns, and choosing players fairly.

Have you ever had a kindergartner throw a fit if they aren’t chosen right away?  This child might be more needy or anxious.  I like using games as a way to teach children how to remain calm and enjoy the game.  As soon as the child begins to complain, I tell them that if they wait nicely, they “might” have a turn. However, since their patience threshold is short, I try to make sure the good behavior is rewarded relatively soon.  I covertly signal to the person who is “it” to choose the the child.  The next time we play, if the child is sitting nicely, I’ll try to reward the behavior even sooner.  Then, I  gradually increase the wait time for future activities.

Now that I’ve talked about primary, here’s a little game for your intermediate kids. It’s admittedly simple, but mine enjoy playing.   It’s a printable board game that requires players to match dynamic symbols with their definitions.  The game is played with a partner and it captures my students’ attention enough to where two students who aren’t exactly fond of each other, will work together peacefully in order to play.  I like matching my students with partners they wouldn’t normally choose because it makes me smile when I see them playing together.  The spinner is also weighted, making some of the definitions harder to land on.  This is equally exciting and frustrating for students!  😉   Find the game along with a listening glyph for “The Swan” and additional printables here: Valentine’s Day Music Worksheets.

Here’s a link to Sing-Play-Creatively‘s blog that’s all about using Valentine’s Day to promote friendship in the music classroom.

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