Back to the Future, TODAY!

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Remember watching Back to the Future for the first time?   I was in New Jersey visiting relatives, and thus began my crush on Michael J. Fox, aka: Marty McFly.

So in BTTF II, McFly travels to October 21, 2015.   That’s only 3 days away and I’m looking around, asking myself, “where are all the HOVERBOARDS?!”  Well, Lexus probably anticipated my disappointment and probably didn’t want to let me down, so about 2 years ago, they got to work! Their new hoverboard is ready just in time for 10/21/15.   Check it out in the video, it’s called the SLIDE.


Although hoverboards are not yet for sale, you can celebrate by re-watching Back to the Future in most major theaters on Wednesday and by entering to win some TPT gift cards!

22 participating stores also have at least one item for the sale that has been marked down to $1.21 (for the 1.21 gigawatts needed to activate the nuclear reaction in the DeLorean, duh!).  Check out the link for all sale items: #BTFMusic SALE!

1.  Start at store number 1, Pitch Publications, and write down the letter at the top of the store page.
2.  Click the next arrow to grab the next letter.
3.  Continue doing this for all 22 stores until you have the secret code.
4.  Once you have the code, come back here and type the message into Rafflecopter, and the next day,   3 lucky winners will be announced!
a Rafflecopter giveaway//

Good luck and remember that the Biffs of this world will soon be washing our flying cars!

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