How to Make Clothespin Puppets for Shy Singers

It's common to have primary music students who are reluctant to sing or even say their names. Since puppets in music class help shy kiddos sing, why not make inexpensive puppets for everyone with clothespins? Try using them for warm-ups, vocal play, call &...

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Recorder Order

I recently shared my process of introducing new pieces for the recorder in a blog post for The Music Crew.  Check it out by clicking here or the image above. Lots of awesome tips for recorder magic!  TLDR?  Here are the steps in a nutshell: Read the lyrics – just have...

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Focus & Engage Students with Musical 4 Corners

One of my classroom management tools is to have a set routine so that students can get into good habits. To break up the monotony of teaching the same routine throughout the week, I try to incorporate an exciting, whole-group game at the end of each lesson. Musical 4...

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Memorize Student Names in a Hurry with Your Cell

Record the Students Saying their NamesThis seems so obvious, but it never occurred to me to record a 30 second video on my phone of the students saying their names. I recently began teaching part-time at a middle school and my phone helped me learn about 45 names in a...

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6 Ways to Retain Students in After-School Chorus

It is so frustrating to have students drop out of your after-school choral program mid-year. Reasons for dropping out range from students wanting to join other clubs, to parents taking away chorus as a punishment for poor grades. After loosing a chunk of my chorus to...

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Rhythm Rounds: A Engaging Game for Music Class

  Sometimes I'll start an activity will start to morph into something totally new by the end of the week.  Probably common among music teachers.  This activity is an example of one of those instances.   I was playing Musical Four Corners with my 4th graders and...

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How to Teach Primary Songs with a Pocket Chart

I inherited several pocket charts in my last classroom and didn't know what to do with them for about 5 months.  For a while, I tried putting objectives in the pockets but it was easier just to write the them on the board.  Then, a PreK teacher was throwing out a...

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