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$25 TpT Gift Card Giveaway!

Happy July teachers!  For those of you on summer vacation, I hope you are having a blast and making all of your non-teacher friends jealous.  Every summer, I unplug my alarm clock until the night before school starts.  I've also been busy planning my wedding (so....

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Headache-Free Recorder Lessons with Recorder Cat!

Do you have trouble getting your students passed "Au Clair de la Lune" in your elementary music classes when teaching recorder?  I have been there and have usually ended my recorder unit after teaching BAG and E because I noticed that students were just memorizing the...

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Merry Christmas!

On this Christmas Eve and I would like to wish everyone a merry and blessed Christmas!  If you do celebrate Christmas, I'd like to offer up this freebie in reference to Isaiah 9:6 (and Handel's Messiah). Whether you have children at home, or teach Sunday School, or...

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Halloween Music Resources

Need some new ideas for Halloween?  Sally Utley's Halloween Music Resources link has a lot of great ideas.  I recently tried Shake, Rattle, and Freeze using "Danse Macabre" and my students loved it.   Also, if you need a nice listening glyph for "In the Hall of the...

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Back to the Future, TODAY!

Remember watching Back to the Future for the first time?   I was in New Jersey visiting relatives, and thus began my crush on Michael J. Fox, aka: Marty McFly. So in BTTF II, McFly travels to October 21, 2015.   That's only 3 days away and I'm looking around, asking...

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Make Your Own Movement Scarves!

When I transferred to my new school, I left my store-bought movement scarves behind. I spent last year without them since I had no music budget. This year, I decided to make my own. My students LOVE moving to music with these scarves, so when I went into JoAnn Fabrics...

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Sound Wave Lesson Resources

Here's a list of resources for teachers looking to do a unit on sound waves or music as vibrations. I've picked through some websites to find ones that I thought would be the most useful.  Many of them are science or physics lessons as opposed to music lessons,...

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