Terms of Use – Educational Resources

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Terms of Use – Educational Resources

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Hello and thank you for the purchase or free download of this product!



  • Your download entitles you to one license for personal and educational use. It is non-transferrable and non-sublicenable. 
  • Sharing files with others is not permitted. This includes posting resources that the general public can access online. Please kindly direct others to my shop listing for free and paid items instead.
  • You may make copies of worksheets and provide applicable materials for your students to use.
  • For-profit use is prohibited. For example, resources may not be used with Outschool.
  • No part of this product may be used commercially, resold, or used to create other products.
  • All graphics and products are copyright of SillyOMusic unless otherwise noted.



If you have concerns, requests, or suggestions, please email me at [email protected]


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