EASY Equity Sticks for Music Teachers

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As music teachers, we see hundreds of students each week.  
When I transferred to a new school, I decided to use Equity Sticks to help me learn everyone’s names.
I created a number system so that I only had to label 37 sticks instead of a few hundred.

Use the Roster to Coincide with Sticks

Usually, equity sticks are labeled with student names, but that becomes a hassle when children move to and away from the school.  I only create ONE set of sticks for the whole school.   My largest class has 37 kids so I label 37 sticks (front & back, both ends) with numbers 1-37.  
                                 Pull Stick = Student Number = Name!
More positives:
1. It’s fun to rattle the can before choosing a name.  It gets their attention.
2. Shows students that you are being fair.
3. When you ask a question, more students pay attention.
4. More students participate, rather than the usual high-flyers. 
5. It’s great for team games.  When I split the class into 2 groups, I just pull a stick for a team representative. 

Hello Music Teachers!

I'm Jane, and I'm here to help make teaching more fun and less stressful by sharing ideas for the general music classroom! I've taught general music since 2009 and now focus on early childhood music.



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