How to Easily Remove Boom Cards from a Deck

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Have you ever gotten a deck of Boom Cards and wished that a certain card was not included? Deleting slides is easy in PowerPoint or Google Slides, and although hiding cards in Boom is a little less obvious, it’s also pretty simple! Below I’ll show you how to easily hide cards and give a few reasons why you might want to.

Reasons Why You May Want to Hide Cards

Before I get started, I want to be clear that hiding cards only works when you assign decks (a set of Boom Cards is called a deck) to your classes. They do not work with Fast Pins which is primarily how I use them. The free membership level only allows you to assign Boom Cards to 5 students! Definitely not enough for a music teacher unless you are using them with a handful of students in a private studio. I’ll post the membership levels below the following reasons why hiding Boom Cards might come in handy.

  • If a set of Boom Cards covers too much, you can remove concepts that you have not taught. For example, you can hide cards that use ledger lines if you haven’t taught that yet.
  • If there are 20 Boom Cards in a deck, you can break up the assignment by only assigning 5 or 10 cards at a time. For example, you can review only notes on the lines or only notes in the spaces.
  • You want to hide cards that are too easy, too difficult, or just plain confusing.
  • Maybe there is some terminology on one of the cards that you don’t use or consider incorrect. For example, if you teach piano as a part of the percussion family instead of a separate keyboard family.

How To Hide Cards

Here’s a very short video that explains how to hide cards.

  1. Sign in to Boom.com and go to “Libary” at the top of the page.
  2. Find the Boom Deck you’d like to assign.
  3. Go to the blue “Action” drop-down menu, select “Hide Cards.”
  4. A pop-up warning will inform you that hiding cards will hide cards from ALL students assigned to the deck. Select “Yes” to continue.
  5. Now that you’ve opened the deck, click the blue “Overview” magnifying glass to skim through the cards and select the ones you want to hide. Use the “Skip” and “Previous” arrows to navigate through the deck. You don’t have to use the “Overview” function to do this if you’d like to move through the cards one-at-a-time with “Skip” and “Previous.”
  6. For each card you’d like to hide, click the “Hide Card” icon. Click it again to unhide a card.
  7. Select “Back” in the top left corner to save and “Okay” on the pop-up.
  8. Go back to the “Action” tab and “Assign” it to your classes.

Hope that was helpful and thanks for checking out this Boom tip.

If you’d like to try it out with any of my free decks, you can find them here!

This 1.5 minute tutorial is for those who have wondered how to hide specific Boom Cards from a Boom Learning deck before assigning them to students. It's super easy and comes in handy when you need to hide cards, break up assignments for your music classes, or want to remove cards that are too easy or too hard. Great for distance learning and compatible with Google Classroom, SeeSaw, and many other platforms!
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