Tambourine Songs that Preschool and Kindergarten Love

Here’s a list of tambourine songs for kids that you can use with pre-k and kindergarten in no particular order. It’s great for a tambourine day in music class, or for adding a song to supplement your music lessons.

“The Tambourine Train” by Playsongs

This song changes tempo quite a few times. It starts slowly and speeds up incrementally before ending with a rallentando. It does this twice. You can have students enter your room by making a train line and following you around the room. Greet students at the door with your tambourine and lead the line by playing your tambourine to the beat. If moving in a line is a challenge, have them turn their wheels in place, then for the second half of the song, they can move around the room freely. When you see them for their next lesson, you can give them tambourines to pat the beat. First at their seats, then moving about, and finally in a line.

“Come and Play the Tambourine” by Lynn Kleiner

As with my other lists, this one includes a track from Lynn. Ask students to think of ways that their tambourines can be played without hurting the instrument. In the song, kids play the tambourine, then “two thumbs” play, then they “jingle and shake,” before playing their “own way.” If you need an even simpler song, “Shake and Stop” would also work.

“Tambourine Song” by Soundplay Australia

This is such a cute song and since I couldn’t find it on my usual streaming service, I’m thankful that the chords and lyrics are provided in the description.

“Shake Your Tambourine” by Greg Page

I was happy to find this song by Greg Page, AKA Yellow Wiggle. When I was in college, I used to do in-home care for kids with autism and one of my boys would watch The Wiggles or Barney in short segments on repeat. I preferred The Wiggles to Barney so I was usually relieved when it was a Wiggles day. This video is perfect for virtual learning because the kids can shake a pretend tambourine. I also like how he uses high and low voices and incorporates a lot of movement.

Tambourine Ideas from Little Ditties Music Academy

This video gives great tips for a Pre-K tambourine day. My favorite is driving with a tambourine steering wheel!

“Tambourine Song” by Ppo, Ppo, Ppo Friends

This Korean song has some tricky choreography so I have also posted a simple dance you can use beneath the original video (be sure to unmute the Instagram video to hear it). The lyrics are about shaking your tambourines and making joyful music together. There’s onomatopoeia like “chal chal” and “tong, tong, tong, tong” mixed in as tambourine sounds. About halfway through, there’s an echo section where the melody goes up and down so I would move the tambourines accordingly. You could also teach kids that the word for tambourine in Korean is “taembeolin.” The “L” in this word makes an L/R sound. If you are interested in a Korean folk song for kids, check out my post on “Santoki” for The Music Crew.

“7 Jumps” performed by Shenanigans

Here’s a little activity I posted a while back on Instagram on how I incorportated tambourines with “7 Jumps.” If every child is playing at the same time, it becomes harder to hear the music, so I introduce the song beforehand so they’ll know what to listen for.

I hope list is helpful if you are in need of a handful, or just one tambourine song. If you are looking for more Preschool and K activities, you can find them in my shop!

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