A Nerdy Music Bulletin Board to Feature 6 Types of Student Work

Hate changing your bulletin board every month?   Love Breaking Bad… or chemistry…
This is an easy way to take one bulletin board and adjust it to focus on something new.
I required to show student work that incorporates literacy, so I took one of my old ideas and repurposed it.                         


I used this board to refer to when speaking about specific elements.
I eventually added definitions onto the test tubes and beakers, which seemed to help students remember what each term meant.

By the way, the flower takes 5 minutes to make.
I used butcher paper, even though tissue paper will give you a fuller pom-pom.
Here’s the step-by-step guide: How to Make Tissue Paper Pom-Poms.

Original Board                                  

Here’s how I switched it up to focus on literacy and Dynamics.   
I just removed the other elements, and featured “Dynamics.”  Then I put up a some student work that focused on the Dynamics of the “Finale” from Carmina Burana.  Next month I will focus on tempo.
New  Board
You could easily draw and cut out your own test tubes, and use die-cute letters, but if you want them pre-made, you can find them here:  Elements of Music Bulletin Board.

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