St. Patrick’s Day Game for General Music and Drama

A favorite game in my class around St. Patrick’s Day is “Find the Leprechaun.”   Both my primary and intermediate students really have fun with this.   It also works as a little drama exercise because students have to try to trick their classmates with facial expressions and body language.  I tell them that I want to see how well they can “read faces.”

  1. Pick a simple St. Patrick’s Day song to sing.  I use “Wait and See” from the Spotlight books. 
  2. After students have learned the song, choose one student to move to the corner and cover their eyes.
  3. Give a tiny leprechaun to one student in the class, who will hide it on their persons.
  4. Once the class starts singing the song (or hears the intro being place on the CD), the student in the corner may walk around, looking at their classmates, trying to figure out who has the leprechaun.  
  5. They have 3 guesses before their turn is over.
  6. Whoever has the leprechaun will then go cover their eyes in the corner.  
  7. The guesser will pass out the leprechaun to another quiet student in the room and the game will start all over!
Feel free to download and print the leprechaun image above to use in your classroom.  I’ve added 6 images to a page because the paper will get wrinkled and you may want to start with a new paper for the next class. Drawing a stick figure on a scrap of green paper will also work just fine.  I’ve even had kindergarten students try to pick out my little stick man from the trash after the game was over.  I do not recommend throwing the leprechaun in the trash in front of the kindergarteners!  😉

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